Frozen Deals Promo Ad

Frozen Spa Promo Ad

Winter Promo Ad for Marquis Spas

Had to come up with an ad for Sani-Sol for selling hot tubs in the middle of winter. Not an easy task when there’s 2 feet of snow, but came up with the Frozen Deals promo for Marquis Spas. I created this in Photoshop as it was meant to be an online digital ad and not for print.

I did a search for images with keywords “ice, frozen, winter” and found one of a glacier and another of arctic water with ice floating and merged them into a background and reduced the opacity so the base blue layer showed through.

I then added a photo of one of the newer tubs that had the same chunky, ice-block like design and rotated it by 45 degrees. I slipped the bottom half of the tub under the water layer to give the illusion of a floating iceberg. I added more bubbles with a symbol stamp and varied the sizing and opacity.

I added all the necessary text and logos. I wanted to use some ice text for the main line so used a plastic gem style effect on the letters for Hot Tubs Frozen Deals. I then used a lightening brush to add fractures on the lettering and finally used a chalk brush to add snow caps to add to a nice icy look.

I wanted to use a more hot type for the secondary like “Thaw Your Savings Now” to go along with the meaning as well as allow it to pop!

Finally I took a wet media brush and reduce the opacity to give a chunky ice frame.

Marquis Spa Brand Infographic

Marquis Infographic

Why one should purchase a Marquis Spa

A visual branding info-graphic depicting the best features of Marquis Spas.

Taking photos from their website and brochures and displaying them in a consistent way as round bubbles with brief text explanations anyone can see all the best aspects of this hot tub company at a glance. Also displayed the different logos for each seriesĀ in the family.

Added gradient soothing blue color with swishes and bubbles as background.

Stress the importance of spacing, consistency, grouping and proximity of the design.

Lion Head Tattoo

This started out as an inked drawing of my daughter’s. I took the drawing (with her permission) and converted it into a vector graphic using Adobe Illustrator and then added the crown and some minor details. The resulting King of the Jungle could be used as a tatoo or graphic.

Lion Head Tattoo

Lion Head Tattoo black and white

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