Hi, welcome to my new website. PTGrafix has been my pet project for many years. It started off as a hobby posting my photography, digitally repairing photographs and then displaying my digital art and printed media for posters, ads and brochures. Eventually it led to incorporate my “Wood-Words”, hand made names or words carved from wood and then decorated for friends and family. It grew to take orders and I got a bit overrun, so had to step back and take a break.

I have to say I missed it, PTGrafix gave me a reason to get creative. Not for the praise or need for approval but more for purpose. In any case I’ve decided to revive my passionĀ and see how I can grow it more.

PTGrafix logoWith the new site was a new need for an updated logo something a bit more clear, with some meaning. I have always loved the smooth, modern look of metals and especially chrome. I decided to update the fonts a bit and make them a bit more retro, yet modern. I wanted to keep the same color scheme of grey and red as an accent color. The background I chose came to me as I was thinking about the mediums I work with as an artist. Although most is digital, I do work with paper and wood. The idea of adding some texture and meaning to my logo made sense and felt right, so I added a wood grain background with a grey hue like driftwood or barnwood. And there you have it – a new look to my logo and a new website too.

I hope to display more of my creative works and will also be taking orders for any work you may see and like. As always I like to hear feedback – it is only through our mistakes and others’ opinions and perspectives that we learn.