Munster Supermoon

Supermoon Feb 2019

Munster Supermoon - sounds menacing, but really a great opportunity to photograph something spectacular from my town of Munster, Ontario. The Supermoon, another term for the full  moon orbiting closest to Earth, at a mere 262,000 km. Making it appear larger and brighter than normal. I was fortunate enough to have a clear crisp evening to get some amazing shots.

Using my Canon DSLR with a  70-300mm zoom lens and lens multiplier and tripod, I managed to get quite a few good shots. Unfortunately the temperature was quite cold at minus 17 degrees Celsius (1.7 degree Fahrenheit) my fingers were numbing up and I had to take extra care with my camera.

Ultimately my best shot is posted here, showing quite a bit of detail. I'm quite proud of it myself for taking the time at the late hour and cold weather with such a great result.

Hope you enjoy it too.

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