Graphic Fixes

Sani-Sol Pool & Spa website

When I first moved to Ottawa I took on a new job managing a Pool & Spa retail store. One of the first things I noticed was the website was extremely crude and outdated! So we had to not only create a new website that would blend with the parent company's, show the services and products offered as well as branding to get the name recognized.

Well, not only did it raise awareness about our store, but we saw a huge increase in customers, more requests for service and products as well as a great initial following of customers on our social media pages.

Business took off and we soon had lots of great reviews and comments about how professional we looked. It also allowed us to give the whole company a fresh new modern look.

Digital Art

Ottawa Container Rentals - website

I was approached by a colleague to create a website for an existing, well-established business. They wanted a simple, easy to navigate website with the ability to accept emails and requests while keeping the logo and color scheme consistent and be mobile-friendly.

This worked out great and we were able to meet all the clients needs while staying in budget and within our time schedule. We also created matching business cards.